Have you heard about the Blackberry Priv? No? Well, it is Blackberry’s attempt to re-capture the mobile market and it would be running on Android. (Yes, you read that right!).

After years of trying, Blackberry has finally decided that their Blackberry OS is finding it hard to beat Apple’s iOS and the ever popular Android by Google, and hence their decision to join the competition instead of going against them.

That’s where the Blackbery Priv or Blackberry Privacy slots in.

Looking stunning with a 5.4-inch display, one glance would tell you that this is not a typical Android phone.

The phone has an external Blackberry style keyboard which will reveal itself when you slide the phone upwards (and I thought slide phones are dead).  The edge of the screen are nicely curved to create a premium look which just captures the eyes, and the outer physical construction gives you surety that this phone was made to last.

To me, the Priv does look rather stylish in many ways and it is a drastic welcome to the typical Android phone which prefers an internal on-screen keyboard. Those with big fingers like myself would however need to get used to this the physical keyboard.
Blackberry Priv keyboard
In terms of specification, the Priv scores well as it is powered by the 1.8GHz 64-bit hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, supported by 3GB RAM, and comes with a stunning 2K amoled display. With all honesty, I do not get why newer smartphones go with 2GB of RAM nowadays because 3GB onwards is the way to go.

Storage space is prepared at 32GB with microSD slots made available for any expansion needed.  All this ensures your phone works smoothly through the day and the 3410mAh battery only ensures it last the whole day long.
Blackberry Priv security
Security plays a huge role in the Priv’s marketing plan and an app known as the BlackBerry DTEK has been pre-loaded to explain methods you can secure you phone and avoid your data from being stolen. To the average smartphone user, this might be nothing big, but it would mean a lot to those in the business industry esspecially those hogging private government files.

There’s nothing really to shout about when it comes to the rear camera although it does come at 18MP.  The front 2MP camera is also average, but workable for a selfie shot.
Blackberry Priv 1
In terms of pricing, the phone would come at USD700 (RM2,900) which makes it really expensive for the Malaysian market.

However, many have pointed out that such a phone deserves such a price because this isn’t your typical Android phone. It’s a Blackberry Android phone, and it is quite something to be honest.


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