TM’s new LTE service, known as TMgo would be enjoyed in Sarawak very-very soon with five divisions said to be the first to enjoy such services in the state when TM starts rolling out the service nationwide by year end, or early this year.

The wireless internet plan would see Kuching, Sibu, Samarahan, Mukah and Sri Aman connected to the services although no specifics on which area would be served for now.

Aside from that, other states in Malaysia would also have TMgo coverage as shared by below:

  • Kedah – Kota Setar, Baling, Pendang, Padang Terap, Bandar Baharu, Sik
  • Perak – Ulu Perak
  • Selangor – Kuala Langat, Kuala Selangor, Sabak Bernam, Hulu Selangor
  • Pahang – Kuantan, Maran, Bera, Lipis, Bentong, Pekan, Rompin
  • Terengganu – Besut, Dungun
  • Kelantan – Bachok, Jeli, Machang, Kuala Krai, Tumpat
  • Negeri Sembilan – Jempol
  • Melaka – Alor Gajah, Melaka Tengah
  • Johor – Kota Tinggi, Pontian
  • Sabah – Kota Kinabalu, Papar, Beaufort, Sandakan, Tawau
  • Sarawak – Kuching, Sibu, Samarahan, Mukah, Sri Aman

The list is very general to say the least, but it is very positive to see that TM will be expanding their new product in Sarawak faster this time around .

With TM promising that the new service would cater for ‘under-served areas’, I’d speculate that they would be catering for outskirt towns which are experiencing rampant cable theft incidents.


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