Sometimes, there is more to what the eye captures, and there is more to a bad day than all the negative vibes. Our Featured Blog for the month of love speaks of this ‘vibe’ as it sends out a strong message of love, friendship and togetherness. The writer is a beautiful lady whom hails from Sarawak, but is now serving in Brunei. The blog is called ‘Perfect IMPerfections’.

The layout of the blog speaks for itself as it seems to be tranquil, neat and and homely, that you’d just have your eyes feeling like you’re on vacation. The blog is also one of the few we have found which are free from any advertisements, as everything is directly presented, with a touch of relaxation in mind.

So what do you get in ‘Perfect IMPerfections’?

Well, as humans, we do tend to take those close to us for-granted, and this blog reminds us of just that: our love ones. In this blog, you can expect a lot of photos of friends & families enjoying fun activities together.  They are so prominent that it just tinkers you about your own life and how you should be having similar scenes in yours. Yes, indeed this is one of those ‘personal blogs’, but unlike some out there, this blog has chosen to keep the good things in life special, and acknowledging that imperfectness, is just perfect.

With that said, we say Congratulations to Perfect IMPerfections for being our second featured blog this year!


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