Fans of Sarawak football, lead by ultra group Gallore Buceros (GB) would be coming to the Sarawak State Stadium this Saturday night to support their beloved team when it plays rival Sabah.

A facebook posting revealed that the fans plan to gather at one part of the stadium and chant for the team despite not being able to see them play due to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) ban of fans given to the Sarawak Football Association (FAS).

The facebook posting also invited all to come join them to show solidarity of the Sarawak football fans in light of what they deem as unfortunate events for Sarawak.

Reports have also surfaced that there are plans to set up huge giant screens outside of the stadium during the match to enable fans to watch the game although no confirmation on this has yet to be obtained.

Sarawak football fans have been outraged with FAM’s treatment over their team, and checks around Kuching have revealed posters and banners being hung condemning FAM.

The issue turned serious when a petition requesting FAS to remove itself from FAM surfaced on the internet, drawing irks from the President of FAM himself whom deemed such effort as a ‘stupid statement’.

FAS President Datuk Sudarsono has since requested all parties including their fans to calm down as they (FAS) try to settle this issue in the most diplomatic manner.

Sarawak play Sabah in the Borneo Derby, with the Crocs playing at home in front of an empty stadium.