KUCHING – While it seemed that it was a confirmed affair, news broke out today that Sarawak will not sign Vedran Muratović, the 28 year old Croatian striker.

It was reported that Muratović wasn’t the type of striker Sarawak head coach Robert Alberts was looking for, and that the search for a new foreign striker to replace Kalle Sone is on-going.

Speculations on social media reveal that Muratović failed to impress fans attending the trial session, in which some claim to be below Sone’s ability.

Fans of the Crocs have filled numerous Facebook fan pages with request that Sarawak FA find a clinical striker to replace Sone.  Others which seem to be favorable of Sone’s ability on the pitch wanted Sarawak to polish their local strikers while waiting for Sone to be fit.

Sarawak face Selangor this Saturday, with Guy Bwele their sole playing import.


  1. until the 3rd match, we haven’t seen any improvement on Kalle’s injury. the last time he played was during friendly match against the President’s cup team… we are urgently need a quality player just like guy bwele… i think that coach RA has done a great job in selecting the best players for Sarawak so far…

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