Joel Epalle (pic) is set to play for the Crocs when the April transfer window opens with Robert Alberts confirming in the Borneo Post that he will be offering Epalle a contract.

According to the report, the Cameroonian player is set to be signed in April, immediately after Vedran Muratovic’s contract ends.

Epalle who has 41 international caps, scored Sarawak’s equalizer with a beautiful placing last Saturday when the home team took on the Malaysian selection.

His skills and vision in passing was evident during the match although it was obvious that he was still not match fit.  Despite his body size, Epalle did show decent speed when running and this is expected to improve when he gains full fitness.

Regardless of that, most fans are pleased with his contributions in the game, although some have warned about Sarawak not looking at other options.

Once signed, Epalle will shoulder huge responsibilities as fans of Sarawak are expecting him to not only to be a goal machine, but also a team player whom opens scoring opportunities to their local strikers.

From us to Epalle, welcome to the Crocs!