Emerging online merchant Eheart Charms & Crafts (EheartCharms) has just recently welcomed the MiaoWafuPafu product range into their online store.

According to the statement received by SarawakBloggers.NET, the online store which is now offering a store wide 20% discount, and only ships their products via Poslaju, has also confidence that MiaoWafuPafu will be able to increase their presence through Ehearts.com.

The MiaoWafuPafu products, which for now are only limited to smartphone casings, come at a special price with four different designs made ready for owners of the iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S2.

Priced at RM19 each, the MiaoWafuPafu casings are said to be durable, lasting and lovely to have. In fact, the casings are specially made for local sales, and most customers have returned to buy more of these limited casings designed by MiaoWafuPafu as it is not found in normal phone casing stores.

Those wanting to know more can visit www.eheartcharms.com.