Microsoft Edge has not become people’s first choice of internet browser, but it is slowly climbing in popularity.

techspot reports that the new Chromium-based version is proving much more appealing ande recent data suggest that the Edge has now overtaken Firefox to become the second most popular desktop browser in the world.

According to the report made by NetMarketShare in March 2020, Google’s Chrome remains the number one browser in the world, leading the market with 68.5 percent.

However, Edge has moved to second place with 7.59 percent with Mozilla’s Firefox declining to 7.2 percent. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari sit below Firefox with 5.87 percent and 3.62 percent respectively.

With Firefox and Internet Explorer losing users, it’s likely that some have defected to Edge or Chrome, the latter of which also saw its share increase last month, by 1.23 percent.

Of course the increase of Edge’s popularity is considered minimal, but the fact it is actually gaining more popularity does give Microsoft hope that it would eventually win the web browsing battle in the future.

Out of curiosity, do you think Edge has become much better over the years?



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