Sarawak Bloggers members are yet again privileged because the organizers of Innovasi Malaysia Tour are offering a special door gift for the first 20 bloggers whom attend their function tomorrow.  For those attending the opening at 2:30PM, special performances by local hit Sonar Tribal will be available also.

The special door gift will however only be redeemable after the event in which a Sarawak Bloggers representative will be distributing it to you.

If you are interested, be sure that you are a registered member of Sarawak Bloggers on our Synapse system, and please fill in the form below.



We would like to congratulate : NAZRUL HISHAM BIN SAIN, Roslan bin Japar, Abdul Majid bin Kipli, Nurhaizi Binti Mostapha, Fatimah Sani and Dinah Samuel for sending in your details to attend the Innovasi Malaysia Tour happening at Spring Mall Kuching Friday and Saturday from 11AM-5PM.

You are kindly advised to approach the registration counter and identify yourself as bloggers from the Sarawak Bloggers, and sign your attendance.

The door gift will be issued to you through Cyril Dason (our representative) to avoid anyone impersonating you.

Please contact to obtain details of contact for the door gift which is a THUMB DRIVE!

Congrats and enjoy the event.


— Bloggers interested are then required to attend and sign your attendance at the Innovasi Malaysia Tour at the Spring Mall to be eligible for the door gift.
— Bloggers interested are not obliged to attend the whole event, but you are highly encouraged to attend at least one of the talks given. No blog post is required.
— Entries will be closed at 1159PM tonight (7 June 2012).

The event schedule can be seen below:

For more details on the event, please visit


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