Diplomats of Drum will be performing at the coming Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF).

The band with 13 members who come from almost every state in Peninsular Malaysia will be at the RWMF 2012 to present a whole gamut of Malaysian flavours – from dhol drums, malay percussion and local folk songs.

The band itself is a genre of cross-cultural collaborations. ‘Music without Borders’ is their category, and their music of enduring brilliance and collaborations.

The Diplomats of Drum operates as an organism, truly genetically mutant and their magic is EAR-gasmic and equally enduring.

The band has been voted 3 times as Best Live Act by MTV Asia and the Asian Musician Magazine in recognition of their showmanship, choreography and close rapport with its audiences, and is the only non-mainstream band to have performed at the Beijing Olympics 2008 musical showcase and the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

They are a lethal force with a hodge-podge of percussion instruments, topped with irrepressible infectious fun.

The band played a traditional melodies and rhythms of Malaysia, and fused them with instruments and sounds from other countries.

The Diplomats of Drum with their amazing sound will perform at the Rainforest World Music Festival this coming July 13 to 15.

The Diplomats of Drum arsenal is a mixture of ethnic, improvised, self made and contemporary instruments. It’s a hodgepodge of the shapes and sizes from divers’ cultures; the Australian Didgeridoo, African Djembes and Talking Drum, Brazilian Repenique and Surdos, Malay Gendang and Rebana, the Indian Dhol, Sitar and Tabla, the Scottish Bagpipe, Slide and Acoustic Guitars and a whole lot more..
As a band, they have broken down musical barriers to celebrate musical and cultural differences, bringing everything together to create a pure organic sound.

Be at this years RWMF to witness the best act from them.