Digi has teased they would be selling the highly popular entry smartphone by Xiaomi, the Redmi 1S soon, and one could only speculate if they would be bundling it up for free with one of the data plans.

Digi's teaser on their official Facebook page.
Digi’s teaser on their official Facebook page.

Those interested to wait can do so, but if you are not patient, then start preparing your credit card for tomorrow because Xiaomi Malaysia has announced they would be selling off 10,000 units of the Redmi 1S at noon.

This is the single largest sale of the smartphone which comes with dual-SIM capabilities to date and it is highly anticipated that the sale will be done and completed within a few minutes.

I’ve purchased the Redmi 1S, and I’m in the midst of crafting a review of the phone. Stay tuned.