The viral video showing a lady in her late 20’s bullying an old man in his 60’s after an accident has prompted telecommunication giant DiGi to offer something good under their #30HariBaik campain. If you have not seen the video, check it out below.

The telco synonym to yellow has made a pledge on Facebook to repair the car owned by the uncle who was harassed as they said “he showed us the value of empathy”.

In addition to that, DiGi also offered to repair the damage made by the accident if the lady was willing to forgive.

The incident which happened at Kuantan sparked national outrage with many condemning the lady who not only made racist remarks to the uncle, but also hit his car numerous times with a steering lock.

An unknown person recorded the incident, and uploaded it on youtube hence sparking national attention.

A hashtag which equals her car plate number ‘DCM25’ had also trended on Twitter with Khairy Jamaluddin among those making tweets regarding the incident.

Police have stated they will be taking action against the lady for road bullying.

Perhaps more good things would be coming to the patient uncle, with Peugeot giving him a brand new ride top of my list.

Source: The Star