Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) became one of the first telecommunications service providers in the world to launch a new Android feature that makes it easier for customers to manage their mobile data usage.

This latest mobile data management feature is the result of a collaboration between Google and Telenor Group, of which Digi is a part of, and will be made available through the new Mobile Data Plan functionality in Android.

Digi customers who have Android OS 4.0 or newer can now manage their mobile data plans and receive important alerts about their respective data plans.

They can even see and purchase relevant data offers directly from their Android settings without having to install an app.

In 2016, Telenor and Google collaborated on a Mobile Data Plan API, which alerted Telenor customers in Thailand and Malaysia when they are reaching the end of their data quota while watching content in the YouTube app, and enabled them to easily buy data directly from within the app user interface.

The new feature is an expansion of this effort, and now enables customers to manage price plans from their carrier directly from Android settings rather than within a specific app.

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