Time passed by so fast and it’s already end of the year for 2010. Yes it’s December and for this month, lets make it fun. Most of the time it’s really therapeutic when we read a very fun blog. Plus with a lot of funny and humorous elements, it can really sooth a bitter day. So if any of you feel down these days, let me bring you to a “place” where you can have some LOL moments. Who knows, it will make your day.

For December’s blog of the month, it goes to two people. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not two blogs but two person owning one blog. So I present to you “Di Sini Penaku Terbiut” owned by Faizal and Fashitah. If we talk about elements of humor and creativity, this is the one blog that represent those words. If you read this blog, I can assure you there are always something that will make you laugh all the way. It’s not easy to create something that is comical but fun to read. What more to say if it was presented in terms of superimposed and comic-style photos, and fun cartoons. Those are the things that can make you impressed and smile at the same time.

It’s quiet hard to express how fun it is to read their blog in words so if any of you wonder what I mean, here are some of the art works done by them:

That was just the tip of the iceberg. You can find more fantastic post in their blog. The amount of creativity, humor and effort in making this blog rock is enough to make this blog the blog of the month for December. So what are you waiting for, check them out at www.terbiut.blogspot.com for your dose of LOL ok.