KUCHING: Utusan Borneo revealed today that the The Commission of The City of Kuching North (DBKU) is now engaging the community using Facebook.

According to the news report, Facebook will be the best place to discuss issues regarding Kuching City, and also become a platform for the public to give their feedbacks, suggestions and complaints.

Now, here’s the problem. Our search on Facebook failed to find DBKU’s Official Facebook Page/Site, with the only closest one available as an unmanaged automated public interest page featuring details taken from Wikepedia (pic).

Checks on DBKU’s official site also revealed no links or news related to DBKU opening a Facebook page, while the news report by Utusan Borneo suggested that those wanting to know more about this platform needs to get in touch with DBKU by contacting 082-446688 or any other official DBKU agencies.

Probably this is one of those cases where news is leaked prior to the Facebook page yet to be ready. But then again, how hard is it to create a page?

Despite the short-comings, we laud DBKU’s effort in engaging social media, and hope the official page would be up soon so that the public will have an immediate online avenue to get in touch with them.