Cyanogen breaks up with OnePlus


Cyanogen’s OnePlus smartphone, loved by many because it is powered by the awesome Cyanogen customized Android, has long been considered a worthy competitor of the Xiaomi smartphones which run the amazing MIUI Android interface.

Nonetheless, it looks MIUI will be lacking one rival as Cyanogen has announced they are breaking up with OnePlus with the former seeking another manufacturer who can “scale much quicker” than OnePlus.

The problems between Cyanogen and OnePlus aren’t new as they were involved in a legal tussle in India sometime back, with Cyanogen inking a deal with Indian based Micromax which saw them giving exclusive rights to use the Cyanogen OS in India.

The case caused the OnePlus to take quite a blow as they were not able to sell their OnePlus phones after the court sided with Micromax.

Now, it seems that things have finally ended for both OnePlus and Cyanogen, and the biggest winner in this split would no doubt be Xiaomi whom has one of the best Android based OS.

Cyanogen is expected to tie up with another smartphone manufacturer soon as they have come forward to announce Oxygen as their next Android based OS.

Source: Lowyat