The Democratic Action Party (DAP) has decided to make the ‘Ubah’ mascot a national mascot for their general election campaign.

The hornbill which is popular among many due to it’s cuteness will now carry more ‘attires’ as it will be also wearing a Malay costume, a Santa suit, an Indian costume and a superman costume apart from the original Iban costume which was used in the Sarawak elections.

Observers interviewed have said that Ubah toys were one of the key reasons why DAP’s fund raisings have gained much income, although no concrete evidence or statistics is available to back this claim. In the last Sarawak Elections, dolls of Ubah were sold at DAP talks and campaigns and were indeed reported as sold out.

The Borneo Post reported that Ubah toys would be sold for RM10 each, with a set (comprising of 6 ubah toys) coming at RM50.

Photo shows Ubah. Photo credit to