Crocs suggested to play elsewhere


Assistant Minister of Youth Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah has suggested that the Crocs play for other leagues as he stated in a news report by the Borneo Post that the Malaysia Football Association (FAM) has no respect for the Sarawak people.

Abdul Karim also said that FAM’s action may just hurt national action, as he suggested that Sarawak Football Association ‘withdraw’ from being played and directed around by FAM.

The suggestions come as Sarawak was fined almost RM90,000 for security purposes during the Sarawak-Lionx XII and Sarawak-Kelantan game, in which FAM decided that the Crocs were to play behind closed doors for four games hence prompting uproar among many.

FAS president Datu Sudarsono also gave his two cents on the first fine when he released a statement saying that the judgement was unjust, and that FA will appeal despite FAM’s word that it was not allowed.