KUCHING – Sarawak started their top-flight football in style after defeating Kuala Lumpur 2-0 at home. The game saw the Crocs dominate from start to finish in front of an estimated 7,000 fans which braved the rain.

The game started with Sarawak wasting no time to show they mean business by making smart moves with fantastic passes. Kuala Lumpur, obviously feeling the heat, resigned themselves to their own half with Sarawak very much dominating the game.

In fact, Sarawak was too dominant in the first half that Kuala Lumpur failed to test Sarawakian goalkeeper, Saiful Amar Sudar, whom only touched the ball twice in the first half. Despite their dominance however, the defense of Kuala Lumpur stood firm with Zahid Ahmad making plenty of vital saves. Delighted with the performance, the Sarawak fans turned to ‘EPL style’ of support by singing and clapping together in support of the hungry Crocs.

The second half was even more electrifying as the Crocs started to utilize their flanks. Zambri Morshidi made himself noticed with his hard work, and new import Bwele manipulated the midfield like the back of his hand. The Crocs showed they were indeed very hungry when they pushed hard for goals, forcing Kuala Lumpur to again stay at their half of the pitch.

Their effort finally bore fruit as a quick run down the right flank by one of the Sarawakian players saw him do a lovely cross into the box which met K.Ravindran which did no mistake to head in Sarawaks first goal.

The goal was greeted with a huge roar from the fans which started to sing ‘Ole Ole’ together. The goal made the Crocs even more thirsty as they started to launch more dangerous attacks from the right flanks. The came close to adding another 3 more goal a few minutes later, but Zahid Ahmads bravery foiled every effort.

However,the Crocs finally scored again through Hairul Mokhtar after an effort by Bwele was blocked, resulting in Hairul, whom received the ball, making a simple cheeky shot into the top left of the goal for crowd to shout ‘Gooooaalll!!’ yet again.

Still unsatisfied with the 2-0 cushion, the Crocs mounted several more dangerous attacks, but Zahid Ahmad stood strong between the post. Kuala Lumpur had their only chance of goal denied by the goal post, leaving Sarawak very much the dominant force in tonight game.

After 3 minutes of extra time, the Crocs sealed the 2-0 win, despite the absence of injured import Kalle Sone. Sarawak play Sabah next in Likas for their second Malaysia Super League match.

Photo showing an unidentified Sarawakian player celebrating the first goal. We apologies on the quality of the photo.