In a rare act of love, kindness and solidarity, the Sarawak football fans have decided to come together by the masses to collect funds to help the Sarawak Football Association (FAS), Farhan Abdullah (Sarawak Assitant Coach) and Hairol Mokhtar (Sarawak defender) come up with a total sum of RM35,500 needed to pay the fine imposed by the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

The move is lead by Sarawak’s long time ultra football group (a group of passionate supporters) known as UltraCrocs. The movement was huge in the ages Facebook was not programmed yet, but has since settled to more passive roles as many of key members grew older and settled down.

However, their unwavering support towards the Crocs remain as they continue to spread news about Sarawak football and go to the Crocs training session and matches.  Their tradition of organizing trips to watch the Crocs play away continue despite with many bringing their families on these trips.  UltraCrocs is also the sole live match updater of Sarawak football matches via Facebook and Twitter nowadays.

We are to understand that the donation drive has begun with many already contributing via bank in money and paypal.

Those interested to know more can email the initiator correspondence Mr Zulhardy at ZULHARDY@GMAIL.COM or visit UltraCrocs official facebook page here.

FAM slapped FAS with the fine after they found FAS guilty of four counts of discipline encroachment, with the biggest being their inability to control their own home crowd during the Sarawak-Lions XII game.

Sarawak is expected to get yet another fine from FAM after another incident involving two fans and security personal during the Sarawak-Kelantan game.

More details on the donation drive will pursue when we do get the information.