Sarawak is set to play four home games behind closed doors after the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) decided to slap the Sarawak Football Association with another RM46,000 for the offences created by fans during the Sarawak-Kelantan game.

The breakdown of the fine as reported as the Borneo Post are as follow:

  1. RM20,000 for the assault on a Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officer by fans after the final whistle and a further
  2. RM10,000 fine for firecrackers throwing
  3. RM5,000 fine were imposed for fans throwing water bottles
  4. RM10,000 fine for the transgression by their fans who hurtled water bottles and firecrackers behind the Kelantan goal post
  5. RM1,000 fine for submitting their defence documents late to FAM

While the monetary fine is substantial, the biggest and hardest hitting fine is the four match ‘fan ban’ which will see the Crocs play at home in an empty stadium.

FAS  said they will be appealing to FAM despite FAM’s stand which says that they will not allow an appeal.

The Crocs are expected to play Kuala Lumpur on May 5 for an away fixture, which will be played in Kuching.

Photo shows Kelantan and Sarawak fans sitting side by side at the stadium during the Sarawak-Kelantan game.