If you read what’s on the box of the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset, it is obvious that the CLiPtec is trying to be modest in its product.  Aside from having ‘wind noise reduction’ and being sweat proof, the rest of the functions highlighted for the PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset is standard on any wireless Bluetooth headphone.  This includes having a built in microphone, a re-chargable battery, and a 10 meter communication range for its Bluetooth 4.0 technology.  However, as I tested, there is more to this wireless headset than said.


1) The look
Cliptec 1Downright ugly. That’s what I thought of the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset.  The earpieces are big and long that it sticks out like a sore thumb out of the ear.  Don’t be surprised you’d be called Frankenstein when wearing it.

2) Comfort
Cliptec 3
The CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset does well in terms of comfort. While it does stick out like a sore thumb from your ear, it is comfortable in the ear.  For best comfort, choose from the various sizes of rubber earbud covers provided. While running, sweat does not gather in your ear, so it’s pretty great.  The only annoying thing is the imbalance weight you can feel when running.  This is due to the location of the control on the right, which creates quite a vibe when running.

3) Sound
For RM99, the sound produced by the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset is great.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised myself.  There’s adequate bass in the sound to enjoy those hip hop and techno dance tunes, and the sound is pretty impressive, akin a wired headset.  Noise isolation wasn’t as great as the Avantree Jogger, but it is good enough to shut out the world.  For me, the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset had better sound than the more established models like the Jaybird X2 (which cost a whopping RM800), but as we all know, sound is subjective to each person.

4) Connectivity
Cliptec 2Connecting the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset to my phone over Bluetooth was seamless.  The directions given were accurate, and the LED indicator did it’s charm.  The 10 meter connectivity mentioned  was also proven.  Hardly had to check my phone to re-connect the headset.

5) Battery & Charging
Can’t say much about the battery life, but CLiPtec claims you can use the headset for a good five hours before you need to recharge it again.  Charging the headset takes an hour, and the LED indicator gives you precise information on when your headset if fully charged.

6) Price
You can get the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset  for about RM90-100, which is a real bargain considering the quality of the product.


Priced lower than many major brands, the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset is indeed a huge value for money.  While many would put it in the ‘basic headset’ category, it does outperform some major brands by giving you great sound at a fraction of the price. If you don’t have cash to burn, this is a good option.


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