Cheap gaming chairs are difficult to find these days despite the fact that gaming chairs are becoming pretty popular as they offer comfort and style for those using computers for long periods of time.

While it is true that most people purchasing such chairs are gamers, or play games on their computers at some point of their lives, the fact is that the comfort offered by these chairs is making them very popular.

The drawback is however the price of these chairs that can climb to thousands, depending on quality and materials used.

Anyway, I scanned both AliExpress, Shopee and Lazada, three of South East Asia’s most popular shopping online stores and found out that these chairs are indeed sold in bulk with prices starting from a few hundred.

However, after closely checking details as well particularly delivery options, it was soon obvious that Lazada Malaysia somewhat had cheaper options with this chair, which looks like a basic gaming chair, selling for as low as RM133, inclusive of postage to East Malaysia by this particular store.

But if you are keen to get an awesome looking gaming chair, Lazada again does not disappoint with the one below, only costing over just below RM210.70 with an additional RM6  for shipping to East Malaysia (Kuching)!

The chair includes a nylon foot rest and is claimed to be ergonomic for maximum comfort.

The rest of the chair is made out of PU leather and they are several colour options.

There’s of course a worry that the chairs, once they arrive, wouldn’t be as pictured in the description.

However, the one from this store has some very positive ratings by both international and locals as you can see below.


There’s of course a drawback to this gaming chair promotion and it comes in delivery time.

Based on Lazada’s estimation, delivery will take over 10 days, but I think the cheap gaming chair justifies the wait.

If you are however looking for something more premium, the TTRacing V3 gaming chair is sold at a promotional rate of RM399 (excluding shipping) right now.

This chair comes with a two year warranty and has a normal retail price of RM599.



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