Celcom has finally broke their silence and started offering the Xiaomi Mi 3 for free if one was to sign up under their Celcom First postpaid plan.

Perhaps the best part of the whole offering is the high 5GB data quota, which many data hungry users would really appreciate. On top of that, Celcom has decided that all their Mi 3 packages under the Celcom First postpaid plan will be offering the smartphone for free, with the mPro plan the only one offering the smartphone at RM238.

The only turn-off from Celcom’s offering of the Mi 3 is the fact that all plans have a high up-front payment, and a long 24-month contract.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to see what is offered by Celcom in more detail, here’s a comparison chart made by Lowyat.net for your viewing.

To gather more details, head on to Celcom.