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JPJ introduce new transfer procedures for vehicles

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has introduced a new system for the transfer of vehicle ownership in Malaysia. According to The Star, the new system...

JPJ patrol vehicle in Sarawak spots new colour and plate number

The Road Transport Department of Sarawak (JPJ) has received new patrol vehicles for them to conduct their duties in Sarawak. Sarawak is the first state...

New Perodua Axia price starts at RM24,900

The new Perodua Axia which was teased earlier will be sold beginning at RMRM24,900 with Perodua announcing that multiple variants of the new model...

MAS new check-in baggage limit starting 28 May 2014

Passengers on all Malaysia Airlines flights will now be limited to two pieces of baggage for check-ins and subjected to lower maximum luggage weights...

New Proton compact car image released, and it’s quite a beauty!

Proton seems to be moving in the right direction as it reveals a complete image of its latest car, the Proton Iriz. The car coloured...

Proton Satria Neo bears the WWW1 number

The car which is going on the road with the exclusive WWW1 plate number has been revealed with motoring blog Paultan.org putting up the...

Proton enhances SAGA model to SAGA Plus

Proton has revealed Proton Saga Plus, which is the latest variant of the ever popular Saga model. The new Proton Saga Plus replaces the Saga...

Proton Preve unveiled, price starts at RM59,540

Proton Prevé was finally launched today with the sedan coming in at a low RM59,540 on the road, inclusive of insurance. Other variants of the...

New proton model known as Proton Suprima S

Motoring blog Paultan.org has revealed that the new hatchback Proton Preve will be known as Proton Suprima S. The model known previously as Proton P3-22A...

Malaysian Rayani Air makes Langkawi first hub

New airline Rayani Air has decided to make Langkawi, in Kedah its first hub as it plans it maiden flight of operation. A Boeing 737-400...