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Is Xiaomi Mi 3 really worth buying? An owners review

I've been talking a lot about the Xiaomi Mi 3 lately on this blog, but it's hugely because I just recently acquired the smartphone,...

Tips: Beware, 60% of smartphone brands carry fake dual-cameras on their phones

I was browsing YouTube and this video about dual-camera set-ups in smartphones caught my attention. Personally, I am not sure if there is any truth...

webe is cheap, but why haven’t I jumped on board?

webe, a new mobile telco by Telekom Malaysia (TM) is making a lot of noise nowadays. They are seen as being aggressive in terms...

Review of Motorola G in Malaysia

Motorola G (Moto G) is Motorola Mobility's second phone since the company was bought by Google Inc. It may also be the last smartphone...

UnoTelly, the service that allows you to stream worldwide TV without restritions

There's a lot of TV series and movies shown outside of Malaysia which is shown by foreign TV stations. Unfortunately for us, they are...

Should you purchase iFlix or Netflix in Malaysia?

Right, word is out that Netflix is now available in Malaysia. That fact makes everyone wonder, "which should I choose? The local iFlix, or...

Thoughts: iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

Apple has announced new iPhones last night, giving them the name iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Both phones are almost similar in nature, though...

What’s new at the KCBA PC Fair 2014 at CityOne Mall?

The Kuching Computer Business Association (KCBA) PC Fair is now on-going at CityONe Mall, and we took an unofficial stroll around the smaller scale...

Systema Healthy Gums

How often do you hear these? Replace your toothbrush every 3 months. Brushing too hard will cause bleeding gums. When both of these known...

Review: The Xiaomi A1 – The good and the bad

I'm sure you've read reviews about the Xiaomi Mi A1, the phone called the Mi 5X in China, which is released as an AndroidOne...