Review of tech related products

Speed up your internet and torrent connection with Keypard VPN

It's not really a common secret that major telcos in Malaysia do throttle your torrent speed which causes torrents to be very slow to...

How to save emails as PDF in bulk

These days, there is a need to save emails as PDF in bulk. Everyone is using Google's Gmail these days.  It's one of those emails...

Advantages & disadvantages of Huawei Honor 3C

The Huawei Honor 3C is turning heads in Malaysia with the smartphone priced at RM499 is giving more branded smartphones a run for their...
Routers for Unifi Turbo

Tips: Routers for Unifi Turbo options, prices and where to buy

Having a headache looking for Routers for Unifi Turbo? I've had this problem where I didn't know what are my Unifi Router options to get the...

Tips: 10 really quick tips when buying a smartphone

Smartphone are an essential nowadays and they are probably the closest gadget to you in your daily life. The importance of a smartphone is never...

Tips: Epic casings for your Samsung Note8

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is a pretty shinny thing, but like all shinny surfaces, they would get finger smudges and this can be pretty...

CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset Review

OVERVIEW: If you read what's on the box of the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset, it is obvious that the CLiPtec is trying to be modest in...

5 Reasons why you should subscribe to TM Unifi

To be fairly honest, there is no need for me to come up with this article really because I would jump onto Unifi the...

Top recommended Malaysian business and SME hosting packages under RM500/year

Businesses, SMEs and even bloggers normally need more storage space for their website so here's a good list of the best 6 hosting offerings...

Tips: Beware, 60% of smartphone brands carry fake dual-cameras on their phones

I was browsing YouTube and this video about dual-camera set-ups in smartphones caught my attention. Personally, I am not sure if there is any truth...