Review of tech related products

Is Xiaomi Mi 3 really worth buying? An owners review

I've been talking a lot about the Xiaomi Mi 3 lately on this blog, but it's hugely because I just recently acquired the smartphone,...

Xiaomi Redmi 1S Review: A smartphone worth every penny

Xiaomi's Redmi 1S is not exactly new in the world market, but it has only been around the Malaysian market for less than a...

Review of iPmart, a premier tech related online store

When it comes to tech related stuff, there’s really plenty of options for you to buy something out there.  One in particular is iPmart,...

Why the HotelsCombined App is best to compare hotels

Going on a trip anytime soon? Need a hotel, but there's way to many hotels to choose from? Well, we've used and tested the...

Step-by-step: How to get FREE Spotify Premium Music

So, you are a MaxisOne customer, paying RM128 per month, and you know you are entitled to FREE Spotify Premium, yet you can't seem...

Redmi Note 3 Review: Enhancing your MIUI and Redmi Note 3 experience

As I said previously, the Android version of Xiaomi, known as the MIUI OS is one of the best available, but then, it will...
The Pizza Art ribbon

Anchor based pizza’s that taste and look different

When one thinks of pizza, what inevitably comes to mind is it being circular and bread-like thin. This property of pizzas in general, has...

UnoTelly, the service that allows you to stream worldwide TV without restritions

There's a lot of TV series and movies shown outside of Malaysia which is shown by foreign TV stations. Unfortunately for us, they are...

CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset Review

OVERVIEW: If you read what's on the box of the CLiPtec PBH312 Bluetooth Sports Headset, it is obvious that the CLiPtec is trying to be modest in...

Altel’s internet speed performance in Kuching impressive

Altel may have been noticed in Kuching lately, but many are still skeptical about how good is this new Mobile virtual network operator (MNVO)...