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Redmi Note 3 Review: Enhancing your MIUI and Redmi Note 3 experience

As I said previously, the Android version of Xiaomi, known as the MIUI OS is one of the best available, but then, it will...

Tips: The difference between the Samsung Galaxy A8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung's naming scheme has always been confusing to me. Sometimes, I feel that they are trying to have all the alphabets added as their...

Redkey F10 review – A unique cordless foldable stick vacuum

This Redkey F10 review focuses on my personal experience using this unique designed vacuum which I think should be a norm in modern day...

Review: Football Manager Mobile 2017

Football Manager is probably one of the most recognizable managerial game in the world, especially when it comes to football. The game's database and user...
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I had just bought the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  This means I get to give you a personal review on the phone which is...

Tips: Home Fibre Internet Comparison – Unifi vs Maxis

So, now that we have two telcos going at each others throat for the home fibre plans in Sarawak, and it only makes sense...

Redmi Note 3: The battery life

When it comes to a smartphone, there is nothing more important than the battery life because without power, a smartphone is practically nothing more...

Booking a taxi in Kuching City using MyTeksi App

After MyTeksi announced they are giving away RM30 worth of travel voucher in Kuching during Gawai Dayak, I decided to try them out. If you...

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oppo N1

Oppo has been creating quite a wave in the Sarawak market, which we believe is also quite a equal to the impact it has...

Microsoft Windows 11 introduced, and here’s the highlights

Microsoft today introduced Microsoft Windows 11, the replacement for the outgoing Windows 10 which will no longer be supported in 2025. The latest operating system...