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Step-by-step: How to get FREE Spotify Premium Music

So, you are a MaxisOne customer, paying RM128 per month, and you know you are entitled to FREE Spotify Premium, yet you can't seem...
wireless charger

Tips: Cheap but good wireless charger

A wireless charger allows you to charge your mobile devices without wires. In this age, wires are a nuisance, and wireless charging is a...

Review: Durability test for the Samsung Galaxy Note8

If you are willing to pay RM3,999 for the Samsung Galaxy Note8, or get it cheaper with Digi Note8 phone plan at RM2,161, then...

BorneoByRoad Pt 2: Visiting KK, Kudat and the Tip of Borneo

The whole point of driving up to Kota Kinabalu, often reffered to as KK, was to enable us to drive to other destinations in...

Sharp Cloud Alarm/Security System Review

If you are looking for a security system which will help you monitor what's happening at home, than Sharp's Cloud SmartHome System is worth...

Speed up your internet and torrent connection with Keypard VPN

It's not really a common secret that major telcos in Malaysia do throttle your torrent speed which causes torrents to be very slow to...

Review: The Xiaomi A1 – The good and the bad

I'm sure you've read reviews about the Xiaomi Mi A1, the phone called the Mi 5X in China, which is released as an AndroidOne...

Review: Football Manager Mobile 2017

Football Manager is probably one of the most recognizable managerial game in the world, especially when it comes to football. The game's database and user...

3 simple steps to use HUAWEI’s AI Moment feature

The HUAWEI’s AI Moment feature on the P40 Series enables the HUAWEI P40 Series to detect over 30 skeletal joints on a subject’s body...

Thoughts: The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

I am personally not that excited about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but I know a lot of people are waiting in line to...