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High Court Acquits and Discharges Anwar of Sodomy Charge

KUALA LUMPUR - Anwar Ibrahim was acquitted of his sodomy charge, and is discharged without any conditions.  The news broke at about 9:25AM with...

Anwar Sodomy Trial II Verdict: 901 Gathering starts

KUALA LUMPUR - The 901 Free Anwar Gathering at the Jalan Duta Court Complex has begun with those participating coming into the allocated parking...

Last Four G5 Members Quits SPDP

The remaining 4 members of the Group of Five (G5) from the Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) have quit the party reports the New...

Hassan Ali Sacked By PAS

Datuk Hassan Ali (photo: Taken from TMI) has been sacked by PAS. The news was broke by both The Star Online and The Malaysian...

Sarawakian Nurse To Face Melbourne Court

MELBOURNE - A 28 year old nurse from Kuching which was caught  with 1.5kg of heroin is set to face the Melbourne court this...

Body Of Kuching Flood Man Found

KUCHING - The body of Herman Sinas, 29, a Bidayuh Salako who tried to save the drowning Kho Ying Qi during the recent floods...

Sibu Family Murder Case Solved

SIBU: Police have solved the murder case at RTM Road here involving four family members, including two children, with the arrest of a 17-year-old...

Explosion At Putra Heights

The Star Online reported that there was an explosion at Putra Heights this morning, said to be around 8:30AM. The incident which was caused by...

Free Anwar 901 Gets Go Ahead

The Star Online reported that the "Free Anwar 901" gathering on Monday is approved with both sides agreeing to have it at the courts...

India puts John Terry on cigarette warnings

The blurry image featuring the head and shoulders of a man resembling Terry above a warning that "Smoking Kills" was created by the government's...