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Kosmo! newspaper expands to Sarawak

Another peninsular based newspaper, known as Kosmo! made it's presence in Sarawak official yesterday when it had the "Fiesta Bumi Kenyalang Kosmo!" at the...

SenQ rampage in KK: Electronic giants mull action

The video of an unknown man rampaging a SenQ outlet in Karamunsing Mall, Kota Kinabalu was not an isolated case according to a report...

School corridor collapse in Kanowit

The Borneo Post reports that a pupil was seriously injured when a section of the corridor of SK Ulu Bawang collapsed last Friday. The 1.30pm...

No limit of Chinese independent schools

MCA presidential council member and former human resource minister Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn said that there was no agreement reached between MCA...

Samsung Galaxy S8 sold for only RM1,799 during Thunder Match Technology Warehouse Sale

Tech retailer Thunder Match Technology is now having their warehouse sales in their Kuching outlet, with prices of digital items, particularly computer and smartphone...

Vatican appoints first ambassador to Malaysia

Pope Benedict XVI has appointed American Archbishop Joseph Marino (pix) as the first resident Apostolic Nuncio to Malaysia, after deciding to open a new...

CMS-RTA’s Aluminium smelter at Samalaju is off the table

Rio Tinto Aluminium (RTA) and Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) has released a statement confirming that they have agreed to terminated the pact on the...

Tunku Putra School ‘owned’ Kuching Can Speak!

Tunku Putra School came out as the overall winner of this year’s Kuching Can Speak! Inter-school speech competition during the grand finals held at...

Samsung Galaxy J7+ open for pre-order in Malaysia at RM1.6K

If you can't afford the Samsung Galaxy S8, or the recently introduced Samsung Galaxy Note8, then make way for the Samsung Galaxy J7+, which...

Indonesian maids back in Malaysia

Malaysia has receive the first batch of Indonesian maids which arrived three days ago. The move is historic as Indonesia froze the entry of...