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Edge is more popular than Firefox

Microsoft Edge has not become people's first choice of internet browser, but it is slowly climbing in popularity. techspot reports that the new Chromium-based version...

Christians celebrate Good Friday

Christians across the world celebrated Good Friday by going to mass. In Kuching, roads nearby churches of numerous denominations were jammed as worshippers thronged...

CUEPACS wants new salary adjustment circular out

The Public Service Department (PSD) has been urged by CUEPACS to issue the circular on the new salary adjustments for the new Malaysian Remuneration...

Samsung Galaxy Note FE official price drops, but there’s more!

Third party online retail stores are already selling the Samsung Galaxy Note FE at only RM2,059 as I posted previously, but if you want...

Samsung phones to get Android Oreo update. Is yours on the list?

When Oreo was announce recently, many were excited about the latest update of the most used mobile operating system (OS). I was too, because...

400 injured as meteor hits Russia

A meteor hit Russia leaving some 400 injured. News sources confirmed that the city of Chelyabinsk in Russia, not also caused damages to nearby...

Old Satok Market to be a mini park

The old Satok Market will be turned into a park to give Satok more greenery and 'fresh air'. According to the Borneo Post,...

Impressive HUAWEI EMUI10 launched

The EMUI10 was officially launched at the Huawei Developers Congress last August 9, in Dongguan. The Android based EMUI10 brings three updates: UX design, an...

IRB to compensate tax payers receiving late refunds

The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) will pay those who overpaid their income tax 2% for late refunds. However, compensation may be denied if IRB...

Empat sekeluarga rentung

PAHANG - Empat sekeluarga rentung dalam kemalangan membabitkan sebuah kereta dan bas ekspres di Kemasik kira-kira jam 1 pagi tadi. Kemalangan itu dipercayai berlaku apabila...