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Harian Metro apologize to the Penans and people of Sarawak again

Harian Metro has issued a second apology to the Penan people in regards to their article entitled “Ibuku Isteriku, Bapaku Suamiku” which was publish on their Metro...

Teacher’s nude photos leaked to the net

THE STAR - A teacher was furious over her boyfriend’s action of not only hacking and disabling her online social network account but also...

INTI College campus to be owned by iCATS

International College of Advanced Technology Sarawak (i-CATS) will take over the campus of Inti College Sarawak in a deal worth RM22 million. The new campus...

Kem Badminton Astro calls for participants

Kem Badminton Astro is calling for the budding shuttlers of age 10 to 12 years old to join the tryout training sessions which begin tomorrow,...

UNIMAS swimming pool opens to staff and students

The Students Affairs Office of Univesiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) has announced on their official Facebook page that the university's new swimming pool at the...

World’s biggest gold mine may be in Bau, Sarawak!

The richest gold mine in the whole world may possibly be found in the Jugan Hills of central Bau, Sarawak, if metallurgy tests are...

Everise gives out free MILO to celebrate Pandelela’s success

Everise has announced that they will be giving out free MILO at their Everise store for their Facebook friends. The announcement was made over...

SMT Sejingkat now houses Sarawak Matriculation College

SM Teknik Sejingkat is now housing Sarawak's first matriculation college known as the Sarawak Matriculation College or Kolej Matrikulasi Sarawak (KMS). The school which is...

Ibrahim Ali is officially a fugitive in Sarawak

The Sarawak Immigration Department has made a statement in a local daily that anyone who spot or sees Malay extremist group PERKASA leader Ibrahim...

Mukah to own a stadium and swimming pool

A stadium and a swimming pool have been planned for Mukah division. The plan as announced by Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud whom...