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Sarawak Bloggers Receives STBs Appreciation

The Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) tonight awarded a certificate of appreciation to the Sarawak Bloggers for efforts to promote and support the tourism industry...

December 2010 – Terbiut

Time passed by so fast and it’s already end of the year for 2010. Yes it’s December and for this month, lets make it fun....

November 2010 – Frisco Daniel

I had a hard time choosing the featured blog for the month of November, Is my birthday around the corner? I don’t think so...

October 2010 – Effadylia

As a Sarawakian, I am proud to say that we have great English speakers and writers, what more to say about Sarawak Bloggers. To...

September 2010 – Pn Isah

Who say blogging is only for the young people?? Well, Aisha or fondly known as Puan Isah who reside at the ‘OilTown’ aka Miri (2nd...

August 2010 – Jai

If you are into gossips, news on artist an events, then you’d love our selected blogger this month. He calls himself Jai, and he...

June 2010 – Dee Loner & Willie

It’s June, so lets make this month a little special since its also Gawai Dayak, the most celebrated event in the whole of Sarawak....

May 2010 – Cassidy

I know, I know, it’s already the 2nd of May…and you must be dying to know who the blogger of the month is. Well,...

April 2010 – Angel

Hi, I’m Kee Man. No, I am not the blogger of the month. But Let me tell you what happened last weekend. Cyril called...