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FA Cup Preview: Kelantan VS Sarawak

Sarawak face high riding Kelantan at Kota Bharu for the first game of the FA Cup. Kelantan is playing well in the Malaysia Super League...

Youth Sarawak goes to Bario for their ‘Bario Mini Library’ project

Volunteers from Youth Sarawak, a Non-Governmental-Organisation (NGO) had recently conducted a project known as the 'Bario Mini Library Project' in the highlands of Borneo....

Bloggers go back to nature by rafting at the Padawan Rafting Safari 2014

Two bloggers, namely Hilda Teo and Alyssa Jaren, took time to go on an all expense trip sponsored by the Sarawak Tourism Board to...

Harimau Muda bawa skuad penuh lawan Sarawak

Skuad Harimau Muda kendalian Ong Kim Swee dijangka bakal menurunkan kesebelasan utama apabila menentang Sarawak Jumaat ini di Stadium Negeri Sarawak. Pasukan yang menduduki tempat...

Justin Timberlake wins big prize at MTV Video Awards

Justin Timberlake picked up the big prizes at the MTV video awards as he reunited with his 'N Sync bandmates on stage. Timberlake won video...

Aliey of Sarawak Bloggers meets Fahrin Ahmad at Shell event

Aliey or better known as NTgravityzone had the opportunity to meet up with Shell ambassador Fahrin Ahmad at an event she attended on behalf...

Diplomats of Drum playing at RWMF 2012

Diplomats of Drum will be performing at the coming Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF). The band with 13 members who come from almost every state in...

Safee Sali dalam bahaya!

Harian Metro melaporkan bahawa nasib penyerang kebangsaan Mohd Safee Sali untuk mewakili Malaysia mungkin terancam selepas Persatuan Sepak Bola Seluruh Indonesia (PSSI) didakwa mengambil...

Promising start for Sarawak tourism promo in Bandung

Sarawak Tourism promotion in Bandung Indonesia took a new turn today when two Sarawak tourism operators, a private hospital, Sarawak Cultural Village and three...

Kartel Will Be Live In Kuching!

KNOW HOW TO GET FREE EXCLUSIVE PASSES HERE! Kuchingites be ready to party hard as some of Malaysia’s largest hip-hop names will be flying down...