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Sonar Tribal show class at Innovating Malaysia Tour Expo Series

Social activist band Sonar Tribal wowed the crowd at the Innovating Malaysia Tour Expo Series at the Sping Mall, Kuching today. The band played showcased...

Seminar percuma PMR Yayasan Sarawak

Yayasan Sarawak akan menganjurkan dua sesi seminar untuk para pelajar yang akan menduduki Peperiksaan Menengah Rendah (PMR) pada tahun ini. Sesi seminar “Sabtu Bersama Yayasan...

Lucky Hitz Kuching listeners now Sepang bound

KUCHING 19th March 2013 – PETRONAS is sponsoring five lucky winners of the “ kuching Formula 1 challenge with PETRONAS” and their partners to...

Team Malaysia to get better TV coverage nationwide

All free-to-air TV stations that do not have broadcasting rights for major sporting events of mass appeal, will be able to share the contents...

Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park to be built in Malaysia

Malaysian casino operator Genting's resort unit will build a 400 million ringgit (US$125 million) Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park near the capital Kuala Lumpur,...