hitz.fm Fugitive is back, and a share of RM 100,000 is up for grabs, yes, even in Sarawak!

All the ‘hunters’ have to do is stay tuned with hitz.fm and wait for the bounty period to be announced. Once the bounty period has started, listen to find out how much the bounty on the hitz.fm Fugitive’s head and also the clue about his / her whereabouts.

Then, start hunting! more ‘fugitips’ clues and updates can also be found on hitz.fm official social media pages fb.hitz.fm and twitter.hitz.fm. (For Kuching and KK listeners, the time frame is 1-8PM!)

To win the cash, catch the Fugitive and ask “ARE YOU THE hitz.fm FUGITIVE?” If the answer is yes, the cash will be yours!

A statement by hitz.fm said that the hitz.fm Fugitive can be anywhere or anyone and the help of Standard Chartered ATM Card gets him around easily.