BETONG: Betong residents came in droves to collect their BR1M which was distributed at the Betong District office today.

The collection began started in the morning with some coming to the collection as early as 7 AM with hope to get their voucher and cash as early as possible.

It was reported that hundreds of successful applicants have and will get their vouchers today and they are able to cash it instantly at the provided BSN’s counter at the same place.

A short interview with those receiving their BR1M cash expressed their relieve as they have been waiting for it for quiet sometime.

One of the recipient when asked said “BR1M is a good thing especially for people like me who is a farmer. I hope this is not the first and the last because it should be continuous if the government really want to help the people”.

Checks around the collection centre also revealed that most of the recipients are veterans with most of them being unemployed from the interiors.

The BR1M is the government’s programme aimed to help those in hardship, but the opposition party has been quick to say that it is a give-out to ensure the ruling party remains in power.  Prime Minister Najib Razak has also stated in parliament that the BR1M cash give-away will continue if the government’s earning continues to increase.