Sarawak Tourism Board has recently announced the 2nd Borneo World Music Expo (BWME). The event will be held on 16-18 June 2014 in the city of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The organiser is currently looking for Asian artists to perform at special showcases for local, regional and international delegates, at least 25 of whom will be bookers and programmers from international venues and the festivals.

There are rooms for 10 artists / groups in all and are specifically looking for artists who work within traditional and / or what has come to be known as ‘World Music’ categories. The music could be labeled as acoustic or it could be contemporary and mixed with modern forms. Within this format, the organisers however will only consider music that is at least partially based in music that comes from traditional cultures.

Here are the requirement by the organizer:
1) A minimum of 6 songs or at least 30 minutes, depending upon the length of the music. These should be delivered online, uploaded via and send sharing permission to the jury at

2) Links to online videos, if you have them.
Artists who have potential tour support from airfares, sponsors or can pay their own transportation and hotel will receive special attention, though all are welcome. The organiser will provide some expenses for the selected artists and will communicate the terms once they are confirmed. However, showcasingartists should realize that this is an audition and not a typical show and,like nearly all showcase events, this funding may not cover all expenses. There will be no fees for the showcase performance.