LIKAS – Sabah won the Borneo Derby after defeating Sarawak 2-1 in front of a massive Sabahan crowd.  The goals came in the first half after Micheal Baird finished off a ball which Saiful Amar failed to catch neatly.  The second goal for Sabah was scored by Bobby Gonzales after receiving a wonderful cross from Micheal Baird.

The match was interesting and balanced with both sides attacking each other.  However, Sabah proved lucky with Sarawak having problems converting their efforts.  Sabah was also guilty for missing many close chances to enhance their lead.

The second half may just not be for the faint of heart as both Sabah and Sarawak made dangerous attacks to their opponents goal.  Sabah introduced their ‘Messi Sabah’ whom dribbled his way through the Sarawakian players, but fortunately for Sarawak, he was unlike the Barcelona Messi in the scoring department.

Sarawak’s attack however spelled a different story as K Ravindran was unmarked, and he easily defeated Syed Adney with a placed shot in the 73rd minute.  Sarawak’s pace of finding the equalizer was however dented when one of their players (said to be Ramesh) was red carded for tackling Baird.

Despite both teams trying hard to find another goal, Sarawak failed to peer open the Sabahan goal mouth, ending the game with Sabah getting the bragging rights in the Borneo Derby.

Special thanks to SabahHawks and UltraCrocs for updates.

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