Not many know of the existence of Kampung Semban, a Bidayuh village that is still hold on tight with its traditions and culture. The village is located in Padawan and is also known as the ‘village above the clouds’ due to its location. Its remote location makes the development slow, and yes, the only way up or down the village is by a 5 hour foot walk.

Distanced from the busy city, the rainforest jungle that surrounded this village makes it a pristine and very much intact place, and the feature has made the trip very much worthwhile, especially for those who are looking to experience the Borneo’s rainforest.  The journey itself is adventurous and full of memories which are indescribable by just words.  With that said, the Sarawak Tourism Board helped two of our bloggers, Uncle Awang and Jawlinda to experience the whole ‘Journey to Kampung Semban’.  To know more about their experience and how awesome this village is, check out their links below:

Uncle Awang


We therefore thanks Sarawak Tourism Board for inviting the Sarawak Bloggers to this trip, and we look forward for many more exciting adventures in coming years.  With that said, ‘Think Adventure, Think Sarawak’ because “Sarawak, Is Where Adventure Lives”

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