This is a very delayed post, but it is still worth to mention.

Last August 26th, two bloggers, Aliey and Khairool, both under the Sarawak Bloggers Society, attended a tea cum ‘ramah tamah Aidilfitri’ with the TYT of Sarawak, Tun Taib Mahmud at a local hotel.

The event was organized by a, a leading youth organisation which empowers youth in Sarawak.

During the tea event, the duo managed to mingle with the respected leader as they listened to what he had to say about challenges of youths in Sarawak these days.

Boleh kira TYT made a photobomb lah here =)
Boleh kira TYT made a photobomb lah here =)

An attempt on a to get a selfie with Tun Taib however didn’t materialized due to lack of time.

Nonetheless, the duo collectively said that the event was wonderful, and very eye opening.