The Tomorrow’s Leaders Summit (TLS) ended at 1pm at the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) with youths of Sarawak standing united while speaking of their hopes for their beloved state.

The event took 3 days to complete, it started with the Welcoming Gala Dinner which was held at BCCK, while the second day Nobel Laureate, Professor Douglas D. Osheroff gave his speech on his field. This was continued by a 6 panelist session which included a representative from the Sarawak Bloggers (Cyril Dason), Youth Works Asia (Bernard Hor), Bursa Malaysia (Wan Rizaidy Wan Mamat Saufi), IAIS Malaysia (Zarina Nalla), Youth Council DIrector UNAS (Yap Kwong Weng) and World Assembly Youth (Ediola Pashollari). The topic discussed was ‘High Income Youth’, but many said that it furthers to the derailed towards developing youths in Sarawak.

The summit then continued with the visit of Datuk Amar Rosmah, Malaysia’s 1st Lady, and interesting workshops which conducted by young successful adults proceeded after launch.  Bloggers got the opportunity to meet important and well know figures, and learnt a few tips on how to be successful. The third day, the summit concluded with Sarawakian youths stood up for their rights in a show of unity which most probably shocked many especially those who were unfamiliar with the Sarawakians culture when it comes to unity.

To know more on what went on during the whole summit, do check out the following bloggers’ blog on their personal take of the whole event.  (Photos featured here are some of the bloggers attending the TLS).

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