Have a blog and think its worth an award? Well, the annual Malaysia Social Media Week is yet again organizing its World Bloggers and Social Media Award, with aim to give acknowledgement to bloggers and social media practitioners of their contribution in the world wide web.

Those interested to join in the fun would be pleased to know that the award nomination is free, but there are some simple guidelines you should adhere too first. Among them is the need to promote the event on your blog (That’s free advertising for the event!), but the rest are pretty much ignore-able (if that is a word) if your blog is always updated.

Anyway, there’s a few categories you can vie for in the awards namely Best Auto blog, Best Foodie Blog, Best Gadget blog, Best Gossip blog, Best Lifestyle blog, Best Micro blog, Best Shopping blog, Best Sports Blog and the Best Travel blog, with extra categories also made up for the corporate circle, but that’s out of bounds for the common blogger.

For more information, click to http://www.socialmediaweek.com.my for details.