A motorcyclist lay helplessly on a road for about five hours after he rammed into a large concrete block in Matang Jaya yesterday.

According to the 19-year-old boy from Gita, the incident happened around 2.30am when he lost his way while riding in Matang Jaya and somehow ended up along the newly-built, but unlit, road linking Matang Jaya to Pasir Pandak.

He said he ended up ramming into a large concrete block- one of several placed across the road to apparently prevent access to road users- and was thrown off his vehicle.

He ended up breaking his left leg and could do nothing except lie on the road and hope for someone to pass by.

His ordeal came to an end around 7.30am when a motorist spotted him and called for an ambulance after learning of his predicament.

– The Borneo Post