BlackBerry’s latest and first smartphone running on Android will cost Malaysians a whopping RM3,559.

The PRIV has officially arrived in Malaysia with a sliding QWERTY Keyboard, but the massive price is expected to deter many from buying the smartphone.

Highly rated by most reviews, the PRIV is powered by Android 5.1, and comes with enhanced security abilities while the QWERTY keyboard has gained many praises. Most reviews however suggest an average camera despite it coming with an 18MP rear camera.

The 5.43-inch screen smartphone comes with 32GB worth of storage space alongside with a memory expansion slot and it’s main processor is the 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 (8992) Hexa-Core.

Local Malaysian telcos are expected to bundle the PRIV with their call packages as RM3,559 for a smartphone is way to much to pay, especially wit China made smartphone lowering prices at absurd levels.



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