Regardless of whether you’re an Apple fan or you’ve just upgraded to one of the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, all of these smartphones have one important thing in common: they help you stay in touch on the go. But while texting and mailing are without doubt essential functions, your smartphone can do much more! These five apps make communication easier, more creative and personal.

SnapChat is a real-time picture chatting app. Have you ever wanted to share a moment with your friends without going through the trouble of uploading a picture? With SnapChat, you can send out quick Snaps like videos and pictures to a controlled list of recipients who will be able to view it for a limited period of time and then no longer have access to it. Keep your friends visually updated with just a few clicks!

With Viber, you can call or message other Viber users whenever you are connected to the Internet, for free. Do you have friends or family abroad? No need to log into Skype every time you want to talk to them or pay expensive international fees for your call – Viber is quick and easy, and provides high-quality mobile calls from wherever you are.

Teambox can facilitate your team communication and collaboration on the go. You can create and manage tasks with your team, see your progress and share files and information. Teambox also provides video conferencing and group chats, making it as easy as possible to stay in touch as a team, without having to forward long emails and make inconvenient calls.

Famous BlackBerry Messenger will soon be available as an application for iOS and Android. This internet-based application allows instant messaging as well as video communication. You can set up your profile, send music files, share videos, and add contacts by simply scanning QR codes. It is also possible to create groups and discuss and share files in group chats.

WhatsApp is a popular chat application that allows you to stay in touch with friends who live in different countries without having to pay more for international text messages. You can individualize your settings and send documents and pictures, too – WhatsApp is a very popular app and essential to almost every smartphone.