The reported ban on deputy president of Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) Abu Bakar Marzuki was rumours. This was revealed by himself in a report carried out by the Borneo Post today.

In the report, Abu Bakar added that he was given a caution by FAM for his “misconduct” during a recent home match and was shocked to hear that he was reported to be banned for eight month with the inclusion of being fined RM8,000 for criticizing the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

Our sources in FAS confirm that they have only heard about the ban and fine of Abu Bakar via the mass media and didn’t have any official letter from FAM in regards to the issue to date.

The news of Abu Bakar made headlines in local dailies last Friday, with TV3 also making a quick mention about it in their Buletin Utama news yesterday in which the President of FAM was quoted as saying that Sarawak fans should understand the rules and regulations of FAM before making statements such as pulling out of FAM.