The coming Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone, which is said to be also name Mi 3S will not be fully metal as expected by many since Xiaomi teased that “The journey of a piece of steel metal” would be coming this 22 July.

According to the Xiaomi VP Li Wanqiang, “the back cover is not metal, but there is plenty of metal used on the device”.

Mi 4
Leaks of the new Mi 4/Mi 3S online

He was further quoted as saying “The new product indeed uses a lot of metal, but not for the purpose of metal back cover.”

Despite not having a metal back cover, Li also promised that the new smartphone will not be a letdown as purported images of the new flagship smartphone start appearing online.

Xiaomi is expected to announce several new devices this coming Tuesday at their yearly media product launch.

Source: PhoneArena


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