Nation building is an on-going effort that requires active participation by all sectors of the society. Not least among the key stakeholders in such endeavor is the youth population where their engagement in development processes should be emphasized.

As a contribution to providing the necessary platforms for local youths to be part of such a participatory process, AZAM is organizing a programme for Kuching city youths this Saturday, 31 March 2012. Called the “Youths Day Out” the programme consists of a youth engagement talk and group dynamics session (Our City: a city like no other) and a forum on Youth and Innovation (Innovating Tomorrow) at the Sarawak Tourism Complex. Also lined up are, a skateboarding and BMX competitions at the waterfront square and an Earth Hour event along the Kuching waterfront.

The specific objectives of this programme are to:-

  • enable urban youth’s participation and contribution to making Kuching city a more livable and vibrant city;
  • encourage the youth’s participation in turning Kuching into a city that’s culturally rich, with a caring population, socially harmonious and environmentally responsible and;
  • to provide an avenue for Sarawak youths to gain self-development through learning, exposure, sharing, networking and contributing.

About 100 participants invited from local institutions of higher learning, environmental clubs, junior neighbourhood committees (Jiran Muda) and others, are expected to participate in the the talk programme “Our City: a city like no other”. Group dynamic activities will also be conducted focusing on pertinent subject matters such as integrity, social unity, caring society, volunteerism, environmental preservation, safe communities and career development.

About 40 undergraduates are expected to attend the forum on Innovation which will feature panelists from UiTM Samarahan, UNIMAS and also Koperasi Pro Belia Inovatif Berhad . This programme is a response to the realisation among local young entrepreneurs of the need to drive the interest of the younger generations towards the innovation industry.

Meanwhile, about 60 contestants are expected to compete in a skateboard competition organised in collaboration with The Myth Skateboarding Club, a Kuching-based extreme game club. The event will feature Joseph Romey, a local icon in the skateboarding scene who was one of the winners of Borneo X-treme Games, organised back in 2001. The BMX competition by the BMX Club meanwhile will showcase the youths’ talents in the cycling arena. These events are to help promote a healthy lifestyle among local youths.

Two musical outfits will participate in the Busking4Charity activity which provides an opportunity for musically talented youths to volunteer performing for a donation drive. These local talents comprise “SonarTribal” and “Jeremy and Friends” who will be performing at the promenade situated along the Kuching Waterfront. The group, “SonarTribal” has recently emerged as second runner-up in the National DIGI Challenge 2011, with their creative community project. Part of the proceeds will be given to a charity of their choice.

The highlight of the weekend youth programme is the Earth Hour: Switch off the City Lights, Turn on the City Souls in conjunction with the International Earth Hour. About 80 youths are expected to participate in this event which will feature a Candle Light Walk, Choir performance, acoustic performances and poetry recital.

An important element of this programme is its approach of engaging the young participants in the conceptualization and execution of the activities to be more attuned with their needs and aspirations, and, in linking the youths with the older generations to help bridge generational gaps in “development thinking”.

This Youths Day Out event is also the first in a series of many more activities under the Youth Development and Engagement programme planned throughout this year.

Latest information can be found on AZAM’s Facebook group.


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