Angkatan Zaman Mansang (AZAM) Sarawak has officially launched their YouTube channel called Azam Online TV.

The channel which is accessible to the masses would focus on the youth while at the same time allowing information related to the development of Sarawak to be decimated to social media users via youtube.

According to AZAM, the channel was made with development in mind, and this channel was intended to help develop the youth especially.  They however note that traditional means of providing information will not be forgotten and still be used despite the availability of Azam Online TV.

For starters, Azam Online TV would be running a series known as “Project RM50“, which is a video series that showcases what can be done with RM50 in Sarawak. The first episode featured local artist Asyraf Hardy.   More episodes would come in the coming months says AZAM Sarawak.

After the launching, a two hour forum took place with representatives from Sarawak Bloggers (Mr Cyril Dason), The Collective Studio (Mr Fazdly Taufek), YoutTube sensation Ms Nana Sheme and Ms Sherry Belayong (from MCMC) taking part as panelist at the forum discussing social media and opportunities available to the younger generation.  The forum was moderated by Dr Alvin from UNIMAS.

The whole forum and launching was streamed live over

Click Azam Online TV to watch and follow the channel.


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